Heritage Classical Center is an independent and private Christian study center, providing a classical and Christian supplement to home-educators at the middle and secondary school levels. As a discipling and tutorial service, Heritage is an extension of the family, providing them with a Biblically-based, classical curriculum in the basic academic disciplines. The purpose of Heritage is to train young people to be learners prepared to succeed at home, at work, and in society, and to live to the glory of God.

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Power Lines from Weeks 28 & 29

Students created some great “power lines” for this week’s writing assignments:

  • Notebook with pencil and eraser ready for school. Focus on the pencil.I love the feel of those gray, windy days and those chilly, spooky nights, letting you know that Halloween is on its way.     -CR
  • As she walked down the street on a chilly autumn day, she began to notice little things she hadn’t seen before. The children a block over jumping in piles of orange and yellow leaves their father had raked up, the girl with the long brown hair and white sweater sipping a pumpkin spice latte, and the little pumpkin patch owned by an elderly woman.  -SM
  • Throughout the summer we have a much-needed break; autumn is a quiet way of gently bringing us back to real life. In this colorful season, we can climb trees without worrying about bugs latching onto our hands, jump into piles of crunchy leaves….     -AM
  • The car sputtered to a stop just as we reached the gas station. -JG
  • His car, pooped on by vengeful pigeons, was taken into a shop for repairs. -HC
  • To drive and apply makeup was a dangerous feat. -KN
  • The old, rusty, run-down pickup truck belched black smoke when it pulled away from the stoplight. -MR
  • They drove in silence, the only sound that of the swishing windshield wipers. -SM
  • The Japanese Zeroes flew high in the sky, their huge formations blocking out the sun. -TL
  • The car went faster, its tires screaming as they clung to the asphalt. -SR
  • My brother went in for his driving test, his brain as scattered as the mess on his bedroom floor. -AL
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